ArchiMaps is an architecture map-based travel guide; an app created by architects, for architects and architecture enthusiasts. ArchiMaps is an accurate, well documented selection of architecture works, made up by architectural historians.

Your best Architecture Travel Guide
ArchiMaps is conceived to help you before, during and after your trip. Check your ArchiMap and prepare a selection of buildings to visit with our favorites tool; explore the city with the map, using your location to get info about nearby buildings; and obtain images and data of the architecture works you visited.

Made by architects for architects
Each of our ArchiMaps features a selection of buildings made up by architectural historians, based on reliable and credited sources, to offer academic quality information. Our specialists also elaborate the ArchiRoutes, which show you themed selections inside each ArchiMap centered on an architectural movement, a prominent autor, or a specially interesting area to visit.

A growing database
ArchiMaps content is in continuous expansion, and new ArchiMaps are currently under development and will be added in the future. Also current ArchiMaps are in constant growth, as recently built architecture works and new ArchiRoutes are included regularly.

We hope ArchiMaps would be useful in your next travel, study trip, or just for learning more about the architecture of your city!

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