Welcome to ArchiMaps,

the definitive architectural guides mobile application, designed to help you find and visit the most interesting buildings around the world. It works on iOS and Android devices for free. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

How does it work?

ArchiMaps’ database is organized into several self-contained guides, each one focused on a certain region, city or architect.

You can navigate each guide through the map, which shows the buildings’ geographic position in relation to your own location. Or you can use the list, which allows you to have a quick look at every architecture work included on the guide.

What does it offer?

ArchiMaps includes architecture from all styles and historical periods. Our database is in continuous expansion, as we are constantly developing new guides and improving the existing ones. As of today we have more than 2,700 buildings, distributed among 16 guides. Know more about our content.

Where can I download ArchiMaps?

ArchiMaps is a completely free App, with no ads and no in-App purchases. It runs on iOS and Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. You can download ArchiMaps here.

If you are not browsing from a mobile device, and prefer to explore it through our desktop version, you can access it here.